Security Service Sacrifice









            Friends, it is an honour to be heading this 27000 extremely dedicated and disciplined Nagaland Police. It is indeed a privileged to be associated with it. We should all take pride in donning the Khaki and achieve our motto “Security, Service & Sacrifice”.

            The public and Government have a range of expectations from us, and we shall endeavour to live up to expectations. There would be circumstances and situations which would test us – we shall consult, evolve and move forward. The bottom line shall always be preservation and protection of life and property.

            Nagaland has a rapidly evolving society. There is dissonance – not violent but differences of ideas, ideologies and socio – cultural norms and practices. The traditional is in conflict with new and modern. This often leads to unease. We shall try to reach out to everyone in Nagaland to help prevent and resolve difference. I look forward to everyone’s cooperation in preventing conflict through dialogue and consultations.

            In the changing context we would endeavour to ensure fair-play equality, transparency and secure and safe society. We shall open new channels of outreach and communications to solicit your views, feedback and suggestions. We shall reach out to you actively for ensuring safe society and peaceability. Constructive criticism is most welcome. It would help us improve.

            In Nagaland, our police force has performed admirably, however, the policing functions and duties are yet to be established and entrenched. It shall be our priority – to bring policing to the masses and classes on the basis of rule of law.

            As we embark upon this process, the public may see greater visibility and activity by our police force. They are there ‘for you’. You may be inconvenienced but not harmed till you and me act within the contours of law inspired by a sense of justice. Please bear with us – we are only doing this for you, the people. We are also aware of the need to equip ourselves with new and modern technologies in upgradation of our knowledge and skills.

            Lastly, statistical and numerical increase in crimes or incidents which infringe on law and order is a measure of people’s confidence in us, not our failure. We appeal to the people not to hesitate to report.

            Looking forward to working with everyone to create an environment for peace and development in Nagaland.

Jai Hind.


Yours' Sincerely












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