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          As the Director General of Police of the State, I extend my warmest greetings to all the citizens of Nagaland and take this pleasure of welcoming you to this Nagaland Police Home Page. Through this page we hope to promote meaningful Police-Public inter-face and make relevant informations about us available to you readily. You are cordially invited to access the page in the spirit of ‘ help us to serve you better’.

          It is well known that Nagaland has had a long history of insurgency and armed conflict, which had inevitably influenced the Government of the day to raise more Armed Police Battalions, a legacy of our past. However, today we see a changing situation, albeit slowly, we see now a relative calm, a much reduced incidents of armed confrontations. Added to this, we see a visibly buoyant optimistic general public mood, the ever evolving and growing urbanization process and the emerging urban culture. Car ownership has rapidly multiplied, affording greater and swifter mobility with its attendant problems and the high-tech driven high speed  communication system like never before. All these changing realities has necessitated a re-orienting of our policing system and priorities.

          Recognizing all these new emerging trends and the challenges, the Nagaland Police has taken new initiatives in the over-all Policing System. Most conspicuous is the introduction of the Commissionerate System of Policing in Dimapur, the biggest and ever-growing urban concentration in the state. Apace with this measure is the re-deployment of officers and personnel to optimize our human resources. One of our prime focus is enhancing the efficiency of Traffic Management with a view at reducing  impediments to traffic flow in all urban centers, as also to secure least hindrance to arterial traffic along Dimapur-Kohima-Imphal axis and its linkages. Other priorities include Cyber Policing and addressing the problem of crime against women and children and Human Trafficking problem. We do realize that people’s participation and creating public awareness is indispensible if we hope to bring about improved civic consciousness. To this end we seek to promote Community Policing and reach out to the people, the Youth, specially College and School going Students. We hope to forge partnership programmes and projects involving them in building awareness and promoting greater civic consciousness and synergizing them to Police roles and functions.

          Nagaland Police is for you, so join us and extend  your valued support and co-operation to enable us to render quality service to the people.

With very warm regards.

Yours' Sincerely












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