The 37th Nagaland Police Duty cum Sports & Athletic Meet 2017 got underway today at the NAPTC, Chumukedima. Thirty teams, representing the 15 armed battalions, 11 district police units and the various other branches of the Nagaland have converged at the NAPTC for the annual sporting extravaganza.
Besides the conventional sports disciplines, the meet also features a special category called “Duty Items” which include drill, shooting competition, weapons handling, Scientific Aids to Investigation etc. In the team events, the preliminary rounds for football and Kabaddi are underway with the knock out stages set to be played as the meet progresses. other events, including boxing, badminton, athletics etc began from today.

As entered in the records list, a record set in 1970 in the 100metre race still remains to be broken. The record at 11.01 seconds was set by Zukhevi Sema, who represented NAPTC. No record in any of the disciplines featured in the meet has been broken since 2010. The last record breaking effort was 11.83 metres in shot put set in 2010. Ladu Chang of the 5th NAP holds that record till date. The 5th NAP also has another record to its credit in javelin throw. Thepucheya Chakhesang holds that record at 53.61metres set in 1986.

This year’s meet was inaugurated by G. Kaito Aye, Minister, National Highways & Political Affairs, who was the chief guest at the opening ceremony held at the NAPTC Stadium. In his address, Aye emphasised how sports builds comradeship between individuals. He said that sports, besides its competitive nature, helps foster the spirit of camaraderie, which further helps the cause of the uniformed service. While urging the players to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship, he said by doing so one is already a winner.

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