NAGALAND POLICE Most Wanted - Nagaland Police Headquarters

Here are the  Top 3 most wanted criminals in India:

1 Anees Ibrahim

He is the brother of Dawood Ibrahim and one of his most trustworthy partner. He has been accused in the 1993 Mumbai Terror Blast and is on the 10th of the list. The police and the agencies are yet to figure out his whereabouts. He was last heard about when he has shot by the rival gangs in Karachi, Pakistan in 2009. He was also involved in trafficking and drugs.

2 Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi

He is the founder of the dreaded terrorist organization Lashkar -e-Tayyeba. He was the mastermind of the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai along with HafeezSayeed. He is blamed for carrying out many terror attacks in the country. Lashkar -e-Tayyeba is one of the most active terror outfits present in India and keeps on planning attacks in various parts of the country.

3 Hafiz Saeed

He is the Chief of Lashkar -e-Tayyeba and Jama-Ud-Dawa. He is considered as one of the deadliest terrorists from Pakistan. He is the mastermind of 26/11 attacks and has also involved in many terror attacks in India. He was out briefly under house arrest by Pakistan but now he is one of the most active terrorists in the world.