NAGALAND POLICE NAPTC Training - Nagaland Police Headquarters

NAPTC Training


Nagaland  Armed Police Training Centre had been formed by Government of Nagaland on 1st Oct’ 1969 with the following main objectives.

(a)    To provide basic Training to the young and new recruit constable for life in the Police and his role as Policeman initially as Armed Branch Constable.

(b)     To provide In-service/ Refresher Courses, other specialized courses to the serving personnel from time to time to adept themselves in the professional subjects.

(c)     To provide such other courses as may be required by Government/Department from time to time as per requirement.


Sl. No. Rank Name Remark
1 Comdt. Shri Teisovise Metha, NPS Commandant
2 Dy. Comdt. Shri Khrusa Keyho, NPS Adjutant
3 Dy. Comdt. Smti Khekali Y. Sumi, NPS Quarter Master
4 ABI Shri K. Siaraung Zeliang SM
5 ABI Shri Akho Alex Coy. Comdr.
6 ABI Shri Imrongjenba Coy. Comdr.
7 ABI Smti Vesuzolu Ckg Mahila I/C
8 ABSI Shri Atou Solo Coy. Comdr.
9 ABSI Shri. Sakhoto Veswu Instructor
10 ABSI Shri Mhabemo Lotha Coy. Comdr.
11 ABSI Smti Keziengunuo Angami Instuctor
12 ABSI Shri Imtisunep RO (Trg)
13 ABSI Shri Noklenmar Ao JA
14 Hav Shri. Yankiumong Yim Instructor
15 Hav Shri Imyariba Ao Instructor
16 Hav Shri Moatoshi Ao Instructor
17 Hav Shri Mayangmeren Ao Instructor
18 Hav Shri Lorhu Kire Instructor
19 Hav Shri Obed Sumi Instructor
20 Hav Shri Hakhu Konyak Instructor
21 Hav Shri Teisovise Angami Instructor
22 Hav Shri Temsuyanger Ao Instructor
23 Hav Shri Bendangwati Phom Instructor
24 Hav Shri Khamo Khiam Instructor
25 Hav Shri Imsutiba Ao Instructor
26 Hav Shri Yilobemo Lotha Instructor
27 Hav Shri Bendangmongba Ao Instructor
28 Hav Shri Chira Ao Instructor
29 Hav Shri Sentiyanger Ao Instructor
30 Naik Shri Imliniken Ao Instructor
31 Naik Shri Matonwa Rengma Instructor
32 Naik Shri Chenio Lotha Instructor
33 Naik Shri Kikato Sumi Instructor
34 Naik Shri Kezhawetuo Angami Instructor
35 Naik Shri Noklentoshi Ao Instructor
36 Naik Shri Imlitemsu Ao Instructor
37 Naik Shri Ezanbemo Lotha Instructor
38 Naik Shri Repanenba Ao Instructor
39 Naik Shri Diven Singh Instructor
40 Naik Shri Senthungo Lotha Instructor
41 Naik Shri Razousheu Ckg Instructor
42 Naik Shri Khutoveyi Ckg Instructor
43 Naik Shri Nungsangmeren Ao Instructor
44 Naik Shri Netovi Sumi Instructor
45 Naik Shri Yanthonger Khiam Instructor
46 Naik Shri Martoshi Ao Instructor
47 Naik Shri Lovitho Pochury Instructor
48 Naik Shri Senka Aier Instructor
49 W/Naik Smti Shepe Konyak Instructor
50 W/Naik Smti Yansitola Chang Instructor
51 W/Naik Smti Regreingaule Instructor
52 W/Naik Smti T. Ngapsho Konyak Instructor
53 W/L/Naik Smti Simparti Instructor
54 L/Naik Shri Moakaba Ao Instructor
55 L/Naik Shri Sukhilal Maibong Instructor
56 L/Naik Shri Apong Chang Instructor
57 L/Naik Shri Thsasemong Stm Instructor
58 L/Naik Shri Hothrong Yim Instructor
59 L/Naik Shri Imrongsangba Ao Instructor
60 L/Naik Shri Gwanilo Rengma Instructor
61 L/Naik Shri Throngokiu Yim Instructor
62 L/Naik Shri Sakunungba Ao Instructor
63 L/Naik Shri Visanyuzo Angami Instructor
64 L/Naik Shri Lanutemjen Ao Instructor
65 L/Naik Shri Yipenthung Lotha Instructor
66 L/Naik Shri Medosetuo Angami Instructor
67 L/Naik Shri Shahoto Yim Instructor
68 C/N Shri Samuel Rengma Instructor
69 C/N Shri Temjenkaba Ao Instructor
70 C/N Shri Thenukhuyi Ckg Instructor
71 C/N Shri Temsuakum Ao Instructor

Apart from the above, we have in- house Speakers from the branches of NAPTC. Guest Lecturers are invited from time to time from officers, Ministerial Staff, NGOs and NCOs based at Chumukedima Police Complex.


It is located about 15 kms from Dimapur/ Railway Station, about 13 kms from DImapur Airport. It is housed in the Police Complex, Chumukedima, Dimapur on the National Highway 39.


NAPTC provides group transport facilities as and when required during the training programmes.


NAPTC has its small mess where ten officers from the rank of ABSI to ABI can be accommodated during their peroid of undergoing course/training.


Chumukedima is very hot and humid during April to September and pleasant/ cold from December to February. Personnel nominated for courses are advised to bring suitable clothing.