NAGALAND POLICE NPSVMS - Nagaland Police Headquarters


Vehicular theft is becoming a matter of serious concern for the State and law enforcing agencies. Moreover, with the ever increasing number of vehicles on our streets, the cases of such thefts and losses only indicates a rising trend where such stolen vehicles are often used for criminal activities.

In order to address this issue, Nagaland Police has developed an IT system in the form of Nagaland Police SMS Based Vehicle Monitoring System (NPSVMS) under the following objectives:

1) Maintaining a common repository of vehicle information.

2) Providing an SMS gateway to disseminate this information to field personnel quickly.

3) Broadcast emergency messages to checkposts and duty patrols.

4) Provide SMS helpline to the public for quick reporting of vehicular thefts.

The NPSVMS provides a facility for the public to quickly report the loss of vehicle by SMS to a public hotline number 8415900400. Via this service, a registered person can simply SMS the keyword LOST to 8415900400 and the details of his/her vehicle would be instantly broadcasted to all checkposts in the State.

With the development of this new IT system, it is expected that the efficiency of the Police in curbing criminal activities particularly vehicular thefts will be further enhanced.