NAGALAND POLICE Intelligence (INT) - Nagaland Police Headquarters

Intelligence (INT)

The intelligence unit under the Inspector General of Police (INT) contributes towards many facets in the overall output of the Nagaland Police. Under the IGP (INT), two Superintendent of Police aided/assisted by their Deputy Superintendent of Police and other Inspectors/Officers-in-charge of outpost in all eleven (11) districts combine together with all other personnel form the eyes and ears of the Government. To this end all intelligence outputs and feedback to PHQ viz-a-viz the Government is collected, assimilated, filtered, digested, analysed and disseminated and the end product is presented to the right executive in the Government. All activities in relation to all underground outfits based, operating or taking shelter in Nagaland, anti-social elements and activities of persons, groups, organisations which are detrimental to law and order, public safety, peaceful co-existence and national security are monitored, scrutinized and when needed neutralized through HumINT and TechINT methods maintained and operated by Special Branch all over the State.


  1. R.O. Branch
  2. Narcotic Branch
  3. Security Branch (Sec-V)
  4. Special Branch (sec-VIII)
  5. Stationery Branch
  6. Q. Branch
  7. BDDS Branch
  8. Accounts Branch
  9. GPF Branch
  10. MT Branch