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Community Policing

Is a strategy of policing that focuses on police building ties and working closely with members of the communities. It is a policy that requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns. Community policing is a collaborative effort between Police and Community to identify problems of crime, disorder and involves all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems. This concept brings the police and community into a closer working relationship and calls for greater responsibility on citizens.

Role of police includes:

  • Maintenance of order and peace,
  • Security, safety of the people and property.
  • Ensure effective enforcement of law.
  • Detection of crimes
  • Orderly flow of traffic in urban areas and in highways and lot more.

Thus discussing the objective of Police in relevance to community, reveals to concept of community policing which ideally is Policing, as far as possible and practicable, by the community itself which means that any or all the functions mentioned above may be performed by the community to the extent they can and the remaining functions to be performed by the police with the assistance and involvement of the community to the maximum extent possible. Thus, citizens can form groups within the society or the area they live or work. Such social group can enroll themselves with the Police and work hand in hand with Police to solve problems, minimize disorders in the society and thus achieve the very objective of Community Policing.

This was the guiding force for Kohima Police to launch the Police – Community relations. Though informally efforts in this direction had been made at different levels earlier but a concerted deliberate and formal effort was launched in 2016. A new format was particularly designed for the job and circulated to police patrol teams both mobile and foot patrol. The patrol teams patrolling a certain stretch/colony/locality is required to obtain the name, contact number and signature of a prominent person either a public leader or government official of the locality and assess the law and order situation of the area. With this in force, the Kohima Police have been able to fight the menace of crime with the assistance of public to a great extent and thus community policing is aimed to encourage members of the public to play a part in detecting crime by giving information to police.