The department of police has embraced the digital age with the launch of an e-patrol app designed to monitor patrolling units. The landmark occasion was flagged off by the Director General of Police (DGP), T John Longkumer from Rhododendron Hall, Chumoukedima on Saturday.

The app has been developed in collaboration with Ramietech Solutions and will now monitor the movement of patrolling units digitally through secured and encrypted QR codes installed in different patrolling points within specific jurisdictions through GPS.

The CEO of Ramietech Solutions, Kedo Nagi informed that the patrolling units will have to scan the QR codes through the app once they reach a particular point, after which it will register their movements in real time. The app also comes with face-recognition technology, which eliminates the possibility of proxies, he said.

The app will ensure easy availability of patrolling data for monitoring and analysis purpose and will instil an enforced responsibility in patrolling units by ensuring foolproof mechanisms. This app will also boost the efforts of the state police to modernise its policing system in line with various digital initiatives.

A representative from Ramietech Solutions said that the foolproof mechanism within the app will lead to a better beat patrolling coverage at ward, village, block and district level. “This will facilitate reliable and robust reports for key decision-makers as well as boost Nagaland police’s efforts to modernise its policing system.”

The DGP also announced the launch of the new website of the state police ( and stated that it has been set up with interactive features to enable visitors and users with the opportunity to make enquiries.

“Users can now access and gain information from the website in all major languages of India,” informed Longkumer. He stated that the website supports multiple languages including Hindi, Bengali and English; it also meets the guidelines of the GOI and international standards. Longkumer further stated that the website will also enable users to access Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of all police stations.

“Nagas are very tech savvy so I urge all young police officers and personnel to embrace the IT revolution and to adapt to the changing scenarios of the rapidly changing world,” encouraged the DGP.

Longkumer added that Nagaland police has been working to upgrade its digital footprints in various ways but cautioned them saying that “machinery does not decide success but the people who handle the technologies do.”

“The new digital initiatives are steps taken towards transparency and there are more to come,” he asserted and informed that a social media cell under Sonia Singh, IPS, IGP (Range) has been set up to deal with fake news and messages.

– Mirror Desk


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