NAGALAND POLICE DGP Message - Nagaland Police Headquarters

DGP Message

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Nagaland Police has endeavored to be at your service all these years and the Police-Public relations have been cordial. We all, in Nagaland, however, are going through a phase of oscillating between two extremes- the traditional, customary practices and the modern codified constitutional Law and the Criminal and Civil Laws.

The traditional, customary practices are, by their very nature- localized in their evolution, development and implementation. Their use beyond local boundaries is fraught with limitations and handicaps and can cause confusion. Modern Laws emanating from the Constitutional values are more universal in application and their application cuts across divisions like gender, age, geographical area, religion or region and the like.

We, in Nagaland, witness ‘swings’ between traditional practices and modern laws, where there is a tendency to selectively adopt or fall-back upon the one which benefits or suits us, to the detriment of others.

While Nagaland Police remains committed to and understands the importance of customary law and practices in Nagaland and in any other society, I would like to beseech your cooperation in ‘greater adoption’ of modern laws, which the police and modern state are guardians of.

Police in general and Nagaland Police too are mechanism evolved from modern laws and we draw our bases and strength from modern laws.

While we at Nagaland Police would endeavor to act professionally within the confines of law, we would seek your cooperation in building some ‘unique models’ of ‘police-public partnership’ so that we can lay the foundations for a peaceful atmosphere in the state for better development and a secure environment where citizens can enjoy the fruits of an emerging India.

Looking forward towards the partnership.
Jai Hind.



Your Sincerely,
Director General Police