NAGALAND POLICE Nagaland Police Traces the Originator of the Fake News /Rumours Regarding Corona Virus Case Detection in Nagaland - Nagaland Police Headquarters

The originators of the fake news of Coronavirus case being detected in Nagaland has been traced out by Nagaland Police. There have been two mediums to spread the fake news in social media — by text message and by video. During the course of the investigation, it has been found that many people had forwarded the said news through many social media platforms/groups without verifying its authenticity. As of now, more than 30 people who forwarded the fake news were summoned to Cyber Crime Police Station and their statements recorded.
The fake news had originated through text message in Whatsapp by one Ms Lumchano Kithan, D/o Yisao Kithan, Village- Old Changsu, Wokha and presently residing at PWD Colony, Dimapur. She had composed the text message and sent the same to her friends which eventually went viral. Further, a minor person had created the video of Coronavirus case detection in Nagaland after seeing the above stated fake news in Whatsapp.
It is being noticed that many unscrupulous elements are posting/forwarding fake news/rumours. This has caused panic/alarm to the public. Nagaland Police further warns that spreading of fake news/rumours is a criminal offence.
Nagaland Police further appeals to all individuals/institutions/organizations to avoid using print media / electronic media / social media for dissemination of any information regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus without ascertaining the facts and to rely on an official press release or statements from the Department of Health & Family Welfare / Govt of Nagaland.