NAGALAND POLICE Launching of project 'SLATE - Nagaland Police Headquarters

Launching of project ‘SLATE

This is a project designed for students and initiated by Shri, Joseph Hesso, IPS, Sr, Superintendent of Police, Kohima, Nagaland, this is aimed at educating the students on basic traffic awareness and also the general laws and the full form of SLATE stands for ‘Students Law and Traffic Education’. The students have been specifically targeted because they are the ‘FUTURE’ and we aim to let them grow up to love and respect the law. With this in mind, under this project basic knowledge on traffic signs, traffic signals and traffic laws including basic general laws like law of arrest and search, how and what to report to Police, what to see and observe and most importantly the cyber crime were imparted to the high school and higher secondary student. At a later stage the college and university students will also be targeted for implementation.

The second phase will be “Safe – Street” covering both the topics but in a different level which will be at a later stage. At present, with the ever increasing number of vehicles and no corresponding expansion of roads, traffic management has become very important. True traffic management is the responsibility of traffic police however, civic sense and everybody’s contribution towards traffic problem is very important. Traffic congestion cannot be wiped out altogether however, a little bit of awareness and judicious use of road will ease the traffic problems to a great extend, though there has been quantum increase on road users/drivers, most of them are self taught drivers. In the past there were no driving schools and though some driving schools have come up, there are no regulations and trained authorized instructors are very few. Moreover, no driving tests are conducted for one to acquire a driving license. The result is what we see today on our roads – hap hazard parking’s, parking everywhere, improper use of signal lights and so on and so forth. The other part of the programme was on law. Here we imparted a little bit of awareness on few basic duties of a citizen as age is not a factor to be a responsible citizen. The citizens were also taught on their rights and the procedures to be followed by Police during arrest and searches. Another very important thing taken up is use of  mobile phones and  surfing the net as it was observed that many people are misusing it and committing crimes and unless properly used one can be booked under the law. With these objectives in mind, coinciding with the inaugural programme we organized an essay competition for high school students on “Traffic Awareness” and General Laws for higher secondary students on “Cyber Crime” and participants from the below noted Schools participated and winners were given cash reward with a certificate signed by the DGP Nagaland.

  1. G. Rio Higher Secondary School
  2. Razhukhrie Govt. Higher Secondary School
  3. Little Flower Higher Secondary School
  4. Northfield Higher Secondary School
  5. Baptist Higher Secondary School
  6. Mezhur Higher Secondary School

Moreover, the participating schools in Kohima were visited by Unit officers and students were apprised on the topics – Traffic Awareness, Cyber Crime and General Laws by means of Power Point presentation.